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Daniel Hill Riedel

“I discovered my artistic talent and passion early in life growing up in Ohio. As a boy both of my grandfathers had a profound impact on my life—one a painter, wallpaper hanger and the other a printer—which ultimately influenced the direction of my work later in life.”

After graduating from college, Daniel Hill Riedel decided to pursue his art full time while studying in Munich, Germany. Returning to the United States he pursued formal art training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

Riedel’s professional art career began as a freelance illustrator in Philadelphia. He also was a member of the original faculty at City Center Academy in Philadelphia (Tenth Presbyterian Church), where he taught studio art and art history. At the same time he started The Graphics Guild, a printmaking studio. Riedel is also a published book illustrator: And God Said and Surviving College Successfully.

Since 1981 Riedel has also worked in graphic design and marketing communications as a designer, director and consultant for numerous companies, and operated his own firm. His creative work spans multiple media in those roles.

In 2009 Riedel founded Riedel Decorative Finishing Company to create unique artistic expressions on the surfaces of his clients’ living and work spaces.

“As a creator, my art work is driven by a desire to use my God-given talents for the glory of The Creator and the good of others. Whether painting a narrative figurative work, painting a portrait, executing a mural commission or creating works inspired by biblical passages and themes, my intent is to do it all, “Soli Deo Gloria” (For Glory to God alone) My Christian world-life view and aesthetic encompass an understanding of creativity rooted in the Creator who created us in His own image. As image bears of God, Imago Dei, we imitate our Creator. Our creative work is essentially an interpretation and communication of the ‘stuff’ of creation. Art should not be seen as solely utilitarian, it should communicate beauty, truth, conflict/resolution; give the viewer a unique way of viewing and enhance lives. It does not have to have an overt “Christian message” to be “Christian art”.

“Art is always at it’s best when it’s about something greater than the artist.” Arnold Friberg

Riedel’s work encompasses fine art commissions and independent projects; murals—traditional, trompe l’oeil and abstract styles; high-end decorative finishing and architectural coatings.

He is currently founding CharityArtWorks, an artistic community that sells art and artistic merchandise to benefit Charities and Ministries that are dedicated to meeting human spiritual, physical and material needs worldwide.

Daniel Hill Riedel is also Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Creative Arts, LLC and the Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts. He operates these online educational businesses with his business partner, Jessica Henry. Daniel leads the operations and online management and marketing of the business and academy. He also teaches pen & ink drawing, perspective, composition and portraiture in the Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts curriculum.

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BA; Cedarville University; Cedarville, Ohio

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine the Arts; Philadelphia, PA

Decorative Finishing Apprentice; Philadelphia, PA

Die Sprachen Und Dolmetcher Institut; Munich, Germany